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Upload Frame
Insert Frame
Preview Frame

Frame is an image to demonstrate your product or used for the mockup purpose. It is the last layer of a design, serves as a nice preview; the final production design file will not include the Frame after rendering.


You have two ways to upload Frames:
Upload in your Resources Menu
Learn More: All About Resources

Upload directly in Define Design:
Hit the Frame button to open Frame Library.

In the Frame Library, you can directly drag and drop or click on the uploading area to upload a frame.
However, to make it easier for you to manage your Frame in the future, we recommend you to create a Product Type first.
Check this article to learn more: Create & Edit Product Types
Step 1: Choose a Product Type Catalog from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Switch the Upload Image button to enable frame uploading function.
Step 3: Drag and drop the content to the uploading area. Or click on the area, then select file(s) from your computer.
Step 4: Click Open to upload.
Wait until the upload is completed and the new frame(s) will show up in the Frame Library.


From the pop-up Frame Library window, select a Frame then click Choose. You can insert only ONE frame to one product.

When it's done, this would be your Frame Preview.

Depending on different product types and purpose, there should be different kinds of frame.
In the above example, the frame is the gray area at the outside border of the design. It demonstrates the edge of pillow product.


One product only has ONE frame, and cannot be changed to match each variant.
Frame must be locked before it can be utilized on the front-store. (However, it's always locked in the app by default).
There are two kinds of frames, which vary based on the product type and purpose:
For Pillow, Blanket, Canvas..., we can use a gray border frame (the above example), which is used to demonstrate the edge of product or printing area. Other products can apply this kind of mask:
For Ornament, Necklace..., we can use a colorful background/ image as frame, for mockup purpose. Consider the following example:


Click the PREVIEW button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open product preview in Dastomize.
This interface demonstrates exactly what happens on your live store when the customer clicks the Personalize button. You can see the Frame appears:

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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