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Clipart Category Display Settings


These are the primary contents covered in this article:
Thumbnail Images
Dropdown List
Inline Button

A clipart category can be displayed in three different ways:
Thumbnail Images (by default)
Dropdown List
Inline Button
These settings can be changed in a clipart category's basic information section. Remember to click Update after switching.


Clipart of this category will appear as a list of thumbnail images:

If you set color icon for each clipart, the thumbnails will appear as colors rather than images:
To change the color of the clipart thumbnail, click the transparent square next to the clipart name > Choose your color.
To remove your previously selected color, click the clear button in the color board's bottom right corner.

On live store, the clipart thumbnail will show as color, not thumbnail image:

Note: If you set a color for one clipart, all of other cliparts in this category will also be showed as color thumbnails. So, all cliparts in that category must have their colors set.


Cliparts in this category will appear in a dropdown menu as a list of clipart names (text).


Cliparts in this category will appear as a button with the name of the clipart (text).

If you choose Inline Button Display for a Category, the thumbnail of that sub-category will appear when you hover over it.

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Updated on: 16/05/2022

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