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The Product Type is designed to act as a guide to help you optimize your design positioning, design dimensions.
Each provider has a different size for each product. Therefore, you should find the suitable product type of your provider to set your Product Type's width and height, as well as the design's safe area correctly.


Step 1: On your main board, go to Products Menu > Product Types.
Step 2: Click +Create New.
Step 3: Add a name for your new Product Type (eg. Blanket, Apparel, Pillow,...)
Step 4: Input the Product Type's information:
Add original width and height.
Add safe width and height.
Upload your template image file.
Step 5: Click Create.

All fields are required to be filled in order to Create the Product Type.


Product Type's name is used for users to identify which product it belongs to when defining a design.

Original Width & Height

Your Product Type's sizes need to match your fulfillment requirements. If it does not match, the final product's design might be cropped or scaled down to fit in. Thus, we highly recommend you choose the exact dimension following your Fulfillment's instructions.

You can find Product Type's information on your providers' websites under other names, such as "Template": Where to find template guidelines of your providers

Safe Width & Height

This is the area that can be printed on a POD product. To ensure your design prints properly on each product, you need to ensure all important elements of your design are within the safe area on the Product Type. Each product can have different safe area sizes for its variants. They should match the requirement of your fulfillment provider.

The numbers of width and height need to be input in pixels.


To edit a Product Type, click the Action (3 dots) icon then select Edit. If you want to clear all the form fields at once, you can use the Reset button.
Make changes then click at the Save button.

To delete a Product Type, click the Action (3 dots) icon then select Delete.
A popup caution will appear, asking if you are certain because deleting Product Type(s) is irreversible.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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