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Set Up Clipart Custom Attributes & Custom Variants


These are the primary contents covered in this article:
Step 1: Set Up Clipart Custom Attributes
Step 2: Create Clipart Template In Define Design
Step 3: Set Up Custom Variants

There are 3 set up steps to allow customers to choose a matching variant (design of template) to show up in their personalized design. In other words, you can match the exact Product template of cliparts with the value of custom attribute.

For example:
In this case, on live store the customer can choose the number of cats and the design template will change accordingly. In other cases, selection can be applied to baby genders, breeds, sorts, family members, etc.

When creating Clipart Custom Attributes, the goal is to categorize them by generality, so that they can be reused without having to be created again. If a generic classification can not be applied for some clipart collections, then categorize by specificity. For example:
General Custom Attribute:
- "Number of Pets": For any kinds of animal such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs... clipart.
- "Number of Members": For family members, besties, team... clipart.
Specific Custom Attribute:
- "Baby Gender": For babies.
- "Number of Cats": For cats quantity only. (Cannot be used with Dogs or other pet clipart collection)


1. Create Clipart Custom Attributes:

To set up, go to your Products Menu > Custom Attributes.

Click the Create New button.
On the Create Custom Attribute pop-up window, Name your new attribute and select its Display Type.

For example:
- Attribute Name: Number of Cats
- Display Type: Image

There are four different types of display options. As demonstrated below, each option will have its own display on live store:

When you're done, Click the Create button.

2. Define Value for Custom Attributes:

After having a Custom Attribute created, go to the Value Tab and start creating values for your Attribute: Click the Create New button.

In the Create Value For Custom Attribute pop-up window:
Name your Value.
Choose its Custom Attribute.
If you choose the display type as Image, then browse to update your image (if not you can skip this step).
If you choose the display type as Color, then choose your color here (if not you can skip this step).
Click Create when you're done or Reset if you want to start again.

This should be the end result when everything is finished. (The Image Display Type is selected in this example.)


You will have to create and define separated templates with Cliparts in Define Design.
Please view part **SETTING SECTIONS > Template Tabs** in this article to know how to create and manage templates:

Learn more: Basic knowledge of the Define Design dashboard & Define Design: Cliparts


Go to Products > All Products > Edit Product Page. Scroll down to the CUSTOMIZE VARIANTS section:

1. Customize Attributes:

On Customize Attributes tab, click at the "Choose Customize Attribute" field.
Select the matching Custom Attribute.
Hit Add button.

The selected Custom Attribute will appear. Then, pick all values that match your product.
Hit Save Attributes button.

2. Customize Variants:

On Customize Variants tab, select from the "Choose Option" drop-down list:
Add New: to manually add a Custom Variant.
Auto Generate All: to automatically generate new Custom Variants from the available Custom Attributes.
Delete All: to clear the available Custom Variants.

Hit Go button.

A popup message will appear, saying Customize Variant has been auto generated. Click OK to close the popup.

In the second column, select the matching Product templates from the dropdown list. The design of template that you defined earlier will show up.
Hit Save Variants button.

If you have already added the Custom Variants by the Add New button, then select Auto Generate All again, it will result in duplicated Custom Variants.

Updated on: 23/08/2022

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