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Remove Background Feature


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Connect API Key
Enable Remove Background Feature

To further serve the needs of customers who want to remove the background from any uploaded photos, Dastomize provides a connection with a third-party service called .
The remove background feature is used for pictures of people, animals, etc., and it performs best on images with a clear foreground and background. When the customer uploads an image, the tool will automatically separate the main item from the background of the image and remove the background.

To learn more about their service, visit the website here.

You must register for their service and purchase a subscription because it is a third-party service.
Keep in mind that charges based on the quantity of photos used. Each time a customer uploads an image and uses the remove background feature, it will count up to one credit. Therefore, pick a plan that fits the needs of your store.


After signing up with, you need to find the API key for your account in their service. You can create the API key in your account profile or go to this link here after you sign in.

The API key can be found on My dashboard > API Keys Tab > Click + New API Key button.

After copying the API key, go to Dastomize App > Settings > Product Page > Scroll down to the API Key section > Paste the API key, then click the SAVE icon.


Go to Products > All Products > Choose your item > In the Personalization Settings section of that product's edit page find the Remove Background For Uploaded Photos toggle and enable it.

On live store, when a customer uploads a photo and clicks the Remove Background button, the system will automatically and instantly remove the background.

For the best results, we recommend that you use an image that has a clear object and a defined foreground and background.
The image must be in JPG/PNG format and no more than 12mb in size (limit from 3rd-party services). The background cannot be removed if a customer uploads a photo that is greater than 12mb.
If your account runs out of credits, customers can still upload photos but the remove background feature will not function.
Since the background removal service may not notify you when your account runs out of credits, you should keep track of your credits.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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