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User Activity Log
Mail Log


Webhook is a notification sent over the web that is triggered automatically whenever a specific event occurs. In Dastomize, the webhook feature is used to transmit real-time updates for a product or order.

In the Dastomize App, webhooks can be filtered by Topic such as: Order Created, Order Updated and Order Deleted.

Payload is the carrying capacity of a packet or other transmission data unit and is often associated with the capacity of executable malicious code to do damage.
To see a webhook payload, click the blue View text on the right, and the data will show as follows:


User Activity Log allows you to view users' activities. It provides data on how your team members are performing in the app, allowing you to better manage your team's work.
Events, activities, and users can all be filtered in the User Activity Log.

Dastomize allows you to add UNLIMITED sub-users to an account.
To view a user's history activities in the Dastomize database, go to Developer > User Activity Log. This panel will display user activities based on your filter criteria and activity group.

To search for a user's activities, type in the first field the user's email.
To see activities that are relevant to what you're looking for, click on the second field to filter. There is a drop-down list of the different sorts of activities:
Order: Order Review, Order Submit, Order Bulk Submit.
Product: Product Enable Mockup, Product Enable Personalized, Product Edit, Product Delete, Product Update, Product Update Define Design, Product Connect Fulfillments, Product Auto Match Variants.
Profile: Profile Update Info, Profile Update Password.
Mockup: Mockup Studio Create, Mockup Studio Delete.
To filter the Activity Log by specific date, go to the third field.

To view Payload detail, click the blue View text at the right.


A Mail Log is a historical record of every email that was sent to and from all users in the Dastomize App. The logs contain information on each email, including the topic, receiver, subject, and date it was sent. Mail Log can be helpful if you are trying to check if emails have been sent to a particular email address.
To search for an email, type in the search box at the top left.

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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