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Hierarchy of Clipart Categories


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What is Hierarchy of Clipart Categories?
Interchangeable Clipart Categories
Hierarchy of Clipart Categories on live store
An Example of Clipart Categories Hierarchy


Hierarchy of Clipart Categories is the way you arrange your Clipart Directory, Category and Sub-categories. You can freely arrange them to bring the most convenience for your customers to select the cliparts when personalizing products.
A Directory contains many Clipart Categories. Meanwhile, each Clipart Category can contain multi-level sub-categories.
If you want to move a category into another parent directory, just select its new Parent folder in Select Parent.


The Clipart Categories tree on the left shows the hierarchy of all clipart categories.
To re-order sub-categories in a Clipart Category, click on the parent category. Hold and drag the sub-categories folder to the right position to re-order them.
Whenever you rearrange the categories, the Save change button will appear. Then, hit the Save change button after finishing re-ordering to see changes in the Clipart Categories tree.

To see editing options of a category, hover over it to see the action buttons:
- Trash button: Delete a category and all containing cliparts. Please remember that you cannot revert this action afterward.
- Duplicate button: You have two options to duplicate a Clipart Category: with or without its cliparts inside.
- Add (+) button: Create a sub-category of it.

To turn a category into a sub-category of another, just click on it and choose Select Parent.

The number of Sub-Categories in a Parent Category is shown in the yellow box. The blue box indicates the number of cliparts in a clipart category.


First of all, you CANNOT add a Clipart Directory to your design. Dastomize allows you to select and add clipart Category and Sub-category when defining design.

You CANNOT upload cliparts directly to a Directory. Learn More: Upload & Edit Cliparts

If you select and add a Clipart Category to your design, it will list all the cliparts in that Category on the live store immediately.

If you select and add a Parent Category to your design, it will show all sub-categories under that parent category. When customers select a sub-category, all the cliparts inside will show up. Cliparts will appear on the live store as Thumbnail Image, Dropdown list or Inline button, depending on the Display Settings for Sub-Categories you select.

If you select to display your cliparts as thumbnail images, remember to upload a thumbnail image for your sub-category.


You can refer to this example to see how to build the hierarchy of the Pet Clipart Categories:

In this hierarchy:
- Directory = Pet Collection
- Category = DOG, CAT
- Sub-category = A-B Group, C-D Group (for Dogs) and Long hair, Short hair, Scottish Fold, Sphynx (for Cats)

This is how you arrange the Pet cliparts in Dastomize Resources:

If you build the hierarchy like the example above, you can add the DOG and CAT clipart categories to a design. Or you can even add the clipart sub-categories such as A-B Group, C-D Group, Long Hair, Short Hair, ...

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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