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What is Dastomize?


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What is Dastomize?
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Dastomize is a reliable All-In-One Interactive Personalization & Growth Acceleration Management Platform (PGAM) for WooCommerce, Shopify & other custom eCommerce platforms, focusing on eCommerce & Print-On-Demand businesses at scale. In other words, we are a Personalization Acceleration Software (PAS).

Our web app allows merchants and entrepreneurs like you to not only create and sell personalized print-on-demand products faster on eCommerce platforms, but also empower your orders, products, libraries, and other management tasks more effectively & efficiently, as well as boost sales by offering your customers upsell/cross-sell and other marketing strategies.

Dastomize stands for: – “Das” in “Dash” – it means “Something Done Quickly” and “tomize” in “Customize”.
Therefore, Dastomize's mission is to help eCommerce, POD Businesses, and DTC Brands be able to make personalized products and manage their eCommerce growth faster and easier in one place. Moreover, since eCommerce development is fueled by technology advancements, we designed open-architecture solutions with an efficient process that allows you to customize your store according to your own business plans.

Your Customers and End Users can personalize with a wide range of personalization options: Text, Photo, City Map, Star Map, Custom Song Lyrics, Spotify Code, ... and much more (in development plan) to see a real-time live preview of the final product on mockups before making purchase.


Kick-start your personalization business with these five simple steps:
Step 1: Install Dastomize Plugin.
Step 2: Connect and Set up your stores.
Step 3: Create products and personalized designs.
Step 4: Sell, Manage & Grow your website in one place.
Step 5: Get ready-to-print files & Enjoy the orders' fulfillment automation.


Unlimited Product Personalization Made Easy:
– Make Your Existing Products Personalized in 5 Minutes: You can easily customize your own existing products with our multiple design options, from text to photos, etc.
– Improve Customers' Experiences: Our app shows exactly what customers will receive with the Live Preview feature. There will be no more customer confusion or returns. Dastomize offers two types of preview settings: Direct Preview and Pop-up Preview, with various display settings such as thumbnail swatches, drop-downs, buttons, and more...
– Create New Personalized Products From Scratch: Our powerful "Product Templates" feature allows you to create normal or personalized products from the beginning. You can import existing product catalogs from popular fulfillment suppliers or define your own custom templates based on your needs.

Web-to-Print Solution – Final Ready-to-print file:
– Your orders will be sent to Dastomize, and our app will create ready-to-print print files for your orders automatically. You are also able to download the final file in PNG/JPG/JPEG format with a high resolution of 300 DPI with one click.

Order Management System:
– With our intuitive Order Management Dashboard, you can keep track of and analyze your daily orders. Our app can fulfill not only in-app orders but also orders from outside sources (in some manual, specific cases and marketplace orders such as Amazon, Etsy, etc.).

Multiple Fulfillment Management System:
– Dastomize developed many Print-on-demand (POD) Fulfillment Services Integrations via API and will be updating new fulfillment services frequently based on customers' demands. Dastomize allows users to import product catalogs from well-known fulfillment suppliers and create customized products. Your orders are fulfilled and shipped by your favorite services such as: CustomCat, ShineOn, GearGag, Dreamship, Gearment, Gelato, Printify, Printful, ScalablePress, Yoycol... We also provide custom order CSV with ready-to-print files for other fulfillment as requested.

Mockup Studio Generator:
– Streamline Your Process And Speed Up Your Workflow With Mockup Studio. Dastomize combines design and technology to build custom, high-quality mockups and mockup-render solutions that enable everyone, from individuals to huge corporations, to generate beautiful visual assets for their products. We transform complex image rendering into incredibly simple tools for users.
– Enhance Conversion Rate And Product Page Optimization by creating stunning and unique mockups. You can quickly scale and position your design by picking from our free & premium mockup libraries, or you can even create your own mockups and link them to the desired product type.
– No Longer Need To Waste Tons Of Time And Cost in searching for desired mockups or manipulating heavy PSD files. Dastomize offers a wide variety of high-resolution mockups, ranging from eye-catching eCommerce flat lays to trendy lifestyle mockups.

Premium Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure:
– Our system was developed and runs on premium and cutting-edge technologies/infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services in order to ensure the availability, stability, reliability, and scalability of your business anytime, anywhere.


Street City Map & Star Map Personalization (Mapbox or Google Maps API Account required).
Automated Cross Fulfillment Providers Order Processing.
Advanced Display Logical Conditions For Each Layers In Design Editor.
One-Click Personalized Product Upsell & Cross-sell based on conditions, rules.
User Activity Log & Mail Log.
Lightning Fast Search for all resources instantly in apps (orders, products, customers, libraries, fonts, ...) using Elasticsearch technology.
Song Lyrics & Spotify Code Personalization.
Quantity-Based Diverse Personalization Bundles.
Save User's Personalized Design via Email.
Klaviyo Email Marketing Integrations to store customers' personalized designs, capture leads and abandoned personalized cart,...
Twilio SMS Marketing Integrations.
Analytics System to evaluate your marketing performance and customers' personalized demands.
... and many more features to come in the future.

Check out our Product Updates / Roadmap / Ideas here (coming soon).

Updated on: 27/05/2022

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