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Order Dashboard


These are the primary contents covered in this article:
Order Catalogs
Filter Orders
Edit Order Page:
- View Order Details
- Order Status
- Edit Order
- Tracking Number


Go to ORDERS menu to manage your orders.

Order ID:
- The first line is Order ID in WooCommerce.
- The second line is order time.

Status: Order Status in Dastomize is synced real-time with status in WooCommerce.

Customer: View the customer's information shortly. For fullest information, open the order.
- The first line is Name of customer.
- The second line is City, State and Country.

Total Payment:
- The first line is total amount of an order.
- The second line is its payment method (For example: Cash on delivery, PayPal, Card, Amazon Marketplace, ...)

Total Item(s): show the number of items in this order.

There are 4 order types:
- In-app (Orders that are purchased on WooCommerce live store and contain products created by Dastomize)
- Amazon
- ShineOn
- Others

Submit Status:
There are 2 submit status as below:
- Submitted
- Failed
- If the order hasn't been submitted yet, Dastomize will leave this column blank.

You can hover over the Failed status of an order to see its Failure reason.

Bulk Submit button: This button is used to submit many orders at once.
Step 1: Select the orders that you want to bulk submit to fulfillment provider(s) by ticking the boxes.
Step 2: Hit the Bulk Submit button.

You CANNOT submit an order again if it has been already submitted before.

Import button: You have 3 options to import orders:
- Import All: Select option "All" then click Import to import all orders from your WooCommerce store.
- Import By Range: Select option "By Range" and choose a time range. Then, click Import.
- Import By IDs: Select option "By IDs" and enter the order ID. Then, click Import.

In-app orders will be automatically imported to Dastomize.


You have 3 options to find orders:
- Search box: enter an order ID to find that order.
- Filter By Order Type: Click on the filter box area then choose an order type from the drop-down list.
- Filter By Order Status: Click on the filter box area then choose an order status from the drop-down list.

You can combine the filters by order type and order status at once.


On Order Catalogs, click on an Order ID to open Edit Order page.


Mock-up image of the product in this order.

Define Design button: Click to open Define Design page of this product.

Date & Time when the customer made the purchase.

View Product on [Store Name]: Click this button to open the product link on your live store.

SKU & Style information.

Personalization Options field includes: Live Preview Image, Final Design and Client Images (number 7,8,9):

Live Preview Image of the personalized design.

View Design: Click to open the final production design file.

Client Images: If the customer uploads their photo(s), you will see it here.

Edit Design button: Click to edit the personalization of this order.

Shipping and Order Total information.

The Countdown timer: When this timer is back to zero, your order will be automatically submitted to fulfillment providers.

Only in-app orders can be automatically submitted.

Submit Order button: You can manually submit an order by hitting this button after editing the personalization.


Order Status in Dastomize is synced real-time with status in WooCommerce.

Order Status options:
- Pending Payment: Order received, no payment initiated. Awaiting payment (unpaid).
- Failed: Payment failed or was declined (unpaid) or requires authentication.
- Processing: Payment received (paid) and stock has been reduced; order is awaiting fulfillment.
- On hold: Awaiting payment - stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment. Or the order has been put on hold by purpose.
- Completed: Order is fulfilled and completed.
- Canceled: Canceled by an admin or the customer – stock is increased.
- Refunded: Refunded by an admin.
You can change the Order Status in Dastomize from "Processing" to "On hold" to pause the countdown timer.


To edit recipient name/ address or add/ remove product(s), hit the EDIT ORDER button under Order Status. It will navigate you to the live order on WooCommerce backend.
After editing your order, click Update in WooCommerce backend. Then the changes will be synced to Dastomize app.


Order's tracking numbers are automatically synced from fulfillment providers to Dastomize and submited to your WooCommerce. For example:
CustomCat's tracking number in Dastomize:

ShineOn's tracking number in Dastomize:

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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