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Dastomize Integrations (Part 1): Set Up WooCommerce Store


These are the primary contents covered in this article:
Sign Up An Account
Popular Reasons Which May Causes The Fail Connection
Connect your WooCommerce Store
How to Resolve Store Disconnection
Invite Team Members
Edit Connected Store


Follow the steps below to create a Dastomize account and start your journey with us.
Step 1: Click HERE to open Dastomize app.
Step 2: Fill in your information such as Full Name, Email, Password & Password Confirmation.
Step 3: Please take time to read our Privacy Policy & Terms, then tick "I agree".
Step 4: Verify the reCaptcha.
Step 5: After you have completed the form fields, click Sign Up.
Please notice that all fields are required in order to create an account.

Step 6: When you complete all 5 steps above, you will receive a Confirmation Email. When you click Verify Your Email, a new window will appear informing you that you have successfully verifying your account. Click "Back to Login" to return to the Dastomize app and log in.


- Most WooCommerce stores will set the Plain option as the default. However, changing it into Post name in Settings > Permalinks is required so that the custom endpoints are supported. (Default permalink will not work.)
- Or you can select other options such as: Day and name, Month and name, Numeric,... We suggest choosing Post name for compactness.


You haven't downloaded or updated the Dastomize plugin/app in or Shopify App Store.
You haven't changed the default Permalink to a different option (such as Post name, Day and name, etc.).
Your SSL is inactive.
Your store URL is already linked to another account.
You connect to the app via phone, which may cause instability.


To restore your WooCommerce store connection, please try to generate and add a new Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, then click the Test Connection option in the three dot icon.
If the issue persists, please help us Clear Transients and then click the Test Connection option again.
If you're still having trouble fixing the problem, please contact our Customer Success Team by using the in-app Live Chat feature in the bottom right corner, so we can assist you with this issue.
To Clear Transients please navigate to WooCommerce > Status. On the Status page, continue to click the Tools tab, and then you will see the option to "Clear Transients."


Please go through this checklist before connecting your store:
Make sure you’re using the latest version of WooCommerce.
Make sure you installed the latest version of Dastomize plugin.
To ensure a successful connection, please use a Desktop to connect to your WooCommerce.
You may connect Dastomize to WooCommerce in one of two ways:
Method 1 (Recommended:) Use the Dastomize Plugin for WooCommerce (in WordPress plugin) to connect a store.
Method 2: Use the Dastomize App to connect to the store.

Method 1: Use the Dastomize Plugin for WooCommerce (in WordPress plugin) to connect a store (Recommended).

Step 1: Create a Dastomize account - Skip this step if you already done so.
Step 2: Install the Dastomize plugin in WooCommerce.
Step 2.1: Go to Plugins Menu > Add New on your WooCommerce store.
Step 2.2: Search for "Dastomize" plugin.
Step 2.3: Click on Install Now when you see Dastomize to install the plugin.
Step 2.4: After the installation is complete, to activate the plugin, click the Activate button.

Step 3: Then, on the WooCommerce navigation bar, go to the Dastomize plugin.
Step 4: Once you've installed the plugin, you'll see an interface where you may connect your store.

Please note that in order to connect successfully you must first have a Dastomize account and log in. (You can review the "Sign Up An Account" part in this article for more information)
Then, Click the "Connect to Dastomize" button.

Step 5: Approve connection.
Dastomize will then request permission to connect to your store using the WooCommerce REST API. In order to synchronize data, Dastomize requires this access. Once approved, your store will appear in the list of connected stores in the Dastomize App.

After the approval, Dastomize will automatically fill in the store link and store name in the App when you log in. You can then edit the store name as needed.

Method 2: Use the Dastomize App to connect to the store.

Here's another way to get your store connected:

Step 1: Login to your Dastomize account.
From the Dashboard, locate the WooCommerce platform and click on the Connect button.
(Afterwards you can go to Integrations > Online Stores. Then choose your platform (WooCommerce or Shopify) to connect.)

Dastomize currently support the platforms: WooCommerce, Shopify (coming soon).

Step 2: Fill in the information
Enter your Store Name and Website Url. Then, click Add.

With other apps you may need to enter the HTTPS protocol. However, with Dastomize, you only need to enter the link without HTTPS://.
For example, when you enter the URL as "" or "", the system will understand and automatically add https:// to it.
Please note that if your store's URL includes the "www." component, you must type it in as well to ensure a successful connection.

Store Name can be changed later. However, the URL cannot be changed afterward (due to domain permissions).

Step 3: Approve connection.
You will be directed to your WooCommerce store to provide Dastomize permissions to connect to your store using the WooCommerce REST API. Dastomize requires this permission to be able to synchronize your data.
After approval, you will see your store showing up in the connected store list on your Dastomize dashboard.

Step 4: Install Dastomize from the WooCommerce > Plugins menu.
Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for "Dastomize" > Install Now > Activate.

In case you can't find our plugin in WooCommerce. Please go to our Wordpress website HERE to download the zipped file. Then go back to WooCommerce store > Plugins > Upload Plugin.

Either way, you would always need to install Dastomize Plugin in WooCommerce.

Below is the plugin's interface after you've successfully installed the Dastomize App. The dashboard now has only two tabs: Home and Support. (The plugin will be updated with a new feature tab in the near future.)

In the Home Tab
This tab appears only after your store has been successfully connected to our system.

If you're in WooCommerce and want to enter the application right away, you can navigate to the Dastomize plugin > Home tab > Click the Open Dastomize App button.

In the Support Tab
This tab provides you with every bit of assistance that you might need:

1/ Clicking the Contact Support button will take you to our contact page, which is located at
Simply fill out the form and send us a message if you have any questions concerning product demos, installation, bugs, software updates, product recommendations and feedback, price and plan comparisons, media, press, billing, payment, licensing, partnerships, reseller programs, investment, and so on.

2/ The Visit Help Center option will direct you to our Help Center at, where you can find all of the guidance and solutions to the most commonly asked questions.
Before viewing the articles, please ensure that the language is set to English.

3/ The Dastomize FAQs button will take you to our FAQs section of our main page at, where we will answer all of your questions regarding our application.

4/ The Pricing FAQs button will take you to our FAQs section of our pricing page at where all the answers to all of your questions regarding our pricing and plans, as well as the features of our app will be covered in here.

5/ If you notice any errors while using our app, or if you have any thoughts or advise about our software, please help us by clicking on the Product Updates, Feature Requests & Bug Fixes section. It will take you to our Update page at (coming soon) or you can start a live conversation with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

6/ We constantly encourage you to join all of our social sites and communities, where you can stay up to date on all of our latest news, updates, upcoming events, and more, as well as share your opinions, experiences, and offer support to other community members.

7/ To begin a Live Chat, please click the blue button in the bottom right corner to contact us immediately and receive assistance.


Go to Integrations > Online Stores, then click the 3 dots icon to edit a connected store.

Details Tab:

- After you've successfully connected your store, you can go to this tab to check the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret (Consumer Key & Consumer Secret are auto-generated and pasted to Dastomize.)
- You can edit Store Name, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Click Save Changes to apply if there is any change.
- Website URL CANNOT be changed after connecting WooCommerce store to Dastomize (due to domain permissions).

Webhooks Tab:

- Record the history of store's activities.
For example: When an order is successfully created in WooCommerce store, it will send an event "order.created" to Online Store's Webhooks.
- You can delete store's webhook by clicking the 3 dots icon > Delete.

Settings Tab:

- Order Submit time (hours): Set up the countdown timer before an order that purchased on WooCommerce live store is automatically submitted to fulfillment.
- Timezone: select your timezone here.

Attributes Tab:

All Attributes are loaded here. You must map the attribute in WooCommerce store with the one in Dastomize, so Dastomize can understand how you named it in your store.

NAME column: Attributes' name in WooCommerce store.

SLUG: WooCommerce product attribute slug structure.

MAPPING ATTRIBUTE FOR STORE: There are 4 Attributes in Dastomize.
One Mapping Attribute (column 3) can be used for many WooCommerce Attributes (column 1):
- Mapping Attribute Style in Dastomize = Style, Type, Available Style, ... (in WooCommerce)
- Mapping Attribute Color = Color (in WooCommerce)
- Mapping Attribute Size = Size, Pillow Size, Bag Size, ... (in WooCommerce)
- Mapping Attribute Itself = Buy More Save More, Husband Size, Wife Size, Handle Color, ... (in WooCommerce)

VIEW VALUE option:
- You can view all values of the selected Attributes by clicking View Value.
- For example:
You can overview all WooCommerce attribute values of "Available Style" (meanwhile, it was mapped with the Dastomize attribute "Style")

You can overview all WooCommerce attribute values of "Buy More Save More!" (meanwhile, it was mapped with the Dastomize attribute "Itself")

- The purpose of mapping the Attributes in WooCommerce with the Attribute in Dastomize is to help Dastomize understand the attribute values and how they were/are named in your store.

Only when the mapping is correct at this step, you can select the correct value from the drop-down list when you move on to Creating Mockup Studio > Choose Style / Color step.
Learn More: Background Mockup

SYNC button: Click to synchronize all WooCommerce Attributes to Dastomize.

Categories Tab

NAME column: Categories' name in WooCommerce store.
SLUG column: WooCommerce product category slug structure.
SYNC button: Click to sync all WooCommerce Categories to Dastomize.


The first individual to create the store will have "Owner" as their role and be able to invite other members as "Admin".
To invite team member(s) to manage your store in the Dastomize App:
Step 1: Go to Settings > Team & Users > Click the + Invite User button on the right.
Step 2: Enter your team member's email address, then click Invite.

1/ If your team members already have a Dastomize account, they will receive an Invitation Email > Click Accept Invitation and it will give them permission to access your store account.
2/ If they haven't signed up for an account, they will receive a Confirmation Email > Click Verify Your Email to return to the Dastomize app to set the password and complete the registration process.

Learn More: Dastomize Integrations (Part 2): Connect Fulfillment Services: CustomCat & ShineOn

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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