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Dastomize General Settings


These are the primary contents covered in this article:
Team & Users
General Settings
1/ Connect Mapbox Account
2/ Upload Map Style and Pin Style
3/ Custom Button Style
4/ Watermark URL Settings
Product Page
Custom Scripts

Let's go to your Dastomize Dashboard > Settings Menu.


You can manage your team and all user accounts in Settings > Team & Users.

Search for a user by entering their email here.
Invite New User(s):
- Click Invite User button.
- On the pop-up window, enter the email of the new user. You can invite many users at a time.

- Click Invite to send the invitation, or Reset to start over again. You can see the status of your invitation that it is still Pending or Active.

Dastomize allows you to add UNLIMITED sub-users to an account.
Edit or delete a user: Search for a user, then click the 3 dots icon to edit the profile or delete a user.

Select Edit Profile to open the pop-up window:

- For an active user, you can have the Block button if your role is Owner.
- On the Settings tab, you can update the user's Username and Email. Click Update to apply the changes if any.
- On the Password tab, you can update the user's Password here.


From Settings > go to General Settings.
This section is to set up Mapbox on your Dastomize account, so you can use and define the Street Map Mask later on.

Connect Mapbox Account:

1/ Create a Mapbox account and get the access token.

Step 1: Sign up for a Mapbox account here. Input your account details and click Get Started on the Billing Details tab to finish creating your Mapbox account.

Step 2: Answer Mapbox's questions to personalize your experience.

Step 3: From your Maxbox dashboard, click Create a token button.

Step 4: Enter your token's name (required) and the store's URL (optional). Then, hit the Create token button.

Step 5: Click the Copy button to copy the created access token for Dastomize App. You can find all Mapbox access tokens here. Or you can use the Default public token instead.

2/ Input Mapbox's access token to Dastomize.

Step 1: After successfully creating a Mapbox account, copy your Mapbox access token and paste it in the "Mapbox Access token" field in Dastomize.
Step 2: Click the Save button.

Upload Map Style and Pin Style:

Dastomize provides you with some default Map and Pin Styles. However, you can also upload your own custom styles:
Step 1: Drag and drop to upload the custom Map and Pin Style file(s). Or click on the upload area to select file(s) from your computer. Wait until the upload is completed.
Step 2: Click the Save button.


From Settings > go to Product Page.
This section is to set up Product Page's preview and button.

Custom Button Style:

(coming soon)

Watermark URL Settings:

Drag and drop to upload your watermark file. Or click on the upload area to select file(s) from your computer. Wait until the upload is completed.

Watermark URL Settings will protect your preview photos with custom watermarks and enhance your store’s brand image.


This section has the scripts to help you replace the default product image with personalized preview image in Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Email and Order Confirmation Email. To see detailed steps:
Learn More: How to add a Personalized Image to your Klaviyo email

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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